Sample Rental Agreement

This short term rental agreement is made between CASA GRANDE LLC, (Homeowner) and _________________ (Guest- Driver license #______________) as of the last date by the signatures below. For good and valuable consideration, the parties agree as follows:
The property is located at 2724 Calle 8, Rincon, PR 00677 and the villa being rented is known as_________________________.
1. The rental party shall consist of no more than ___members whose names are as follows:_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
2. A copy of Guest driver’s license is made a part of this lease.
3. The property is furnished and includes equipped kitchen, tv, a/c, wifi, linens, and one beach & bath towel per guest.
4. The term of the lease begins on __________after 3 pm (occupancy date) and ends at checkout time on _____________before 11 am, no exceptions.
5. Guest agree to comply with the rental rules attached as Exhibit A at all times while at the property and shall cause all members of the rental party to comply and anyone else that may visit the Guest or members of the rental party.
6. Guest shall allow Homeowner and its representatives’ access to property at reasonable times to permit inspections and/or repairs.
7. The reservation/security deposit of $750.00 shall be made at time of signing this rental agreement and is not part of the rental fee for the villa. It will be returned within 72 hours of check-out date, provided the premises are as they were upon check-in.
8. The rental fee is due sixty days prior to occupancy date and if not received the reservation deposit and reservation may be forfeited. The balance due by not later than _____________is calculated as follows:
9. Total rental fee is $______per night for ____nights = $_________
7% Room tax = $_______
Total due = $________
10. If Guest has to cancel reservation, the Reservation/Security deposit will be refunded, less 3% processing fee, if notice of cancellation is received by (60 days before arrival). Rental fee will not be refunded for cancellations within 60 days of reservation unless property can be re-leased. There will be a $200 service fee, security deposit will be refunded.
11. We encourage all Guests to obtain traveler insurance to cover any losses sustained in case travel is not possible
12. Homeowner is not responsible in the case where public services like electricity or water supply is interrupted by sources beyond control of Homeowner. Homeowner is not responsible for acts of God. In these cases no refunds.
13. Faxed, scanned or other electronic signatures shall be deemed original.
The parties agree to be bound by the terms of this agreement as evidenced by their signatures below.

Guest_____________________ Homeowner/Representative______________________
Date_______ Date_______

These RENTAL RULES are made a part of the Rental Agreement between CASA GRANDE LLC (Homeowner) and ________________________________(Guest).
1. Only guest whose names appear on the rental agreement are allowed to use the facilities including but not limited to living areas, loungers/sunbathing areas, terraces, patios, showers,  bbqs & private seating areas . Strict compliance is required.
2. The property is located in a residential neighborhood. Loud music, loud noise disorderly behavior or parties are not allowed at any time.
3. Rincon is a rural town; horses, rooster, cows and dogs are a part of the community. Earplugs are available if needed.
4. Subletting or renting to others is prohibited.
5. Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the property.
6. Pets are not permitted without specific written consent from Homeowner.
7. Parking is located on the street in front of the property. Use of water for washing vehicles, jet skis, boats etc. is strictly prohibited. Hoses are for management use.
8. Credit card will be required at check in. Damaged property or missing goods as well as missing keys and remote control devices will be charged to Guest account. Do not move ac remotes. The net security deposit will be released to Guest within 3 days of move out.
9. Do not discard sanitary products in the toilets. Clogged toilet repairs, fumigation for indoor smoking and lockouts will be charged to Guest account.
10. Please open windows and cut off ac during the day and when you leave the villa.
11. Please rinse dishes before using the dishwasher.
12. Use towel drying racks provided at villa entrances. Please do not hang towels on balconies, terraces or beach walls.
13. Keep all beach and property gates closed and use plastic bags for trash disposal.
14. Return all beach chairs and beach towels to their storage areas after use.
15. Use outdoor shower to rinse off beach sand when returning from beach.
16. Do not park in front of the gates in front of the property.
17. Guest agrees to provide villa condition report to Homeowner’s representative within 24 hours of occupancy.
18. Guest agrees to leave villa in the same clean condition as they found it. Villa must be swept, dishes cleaned & trash taken out to refund security deposit.
19. Guest agrees that it is their responsibility to lock all possessions and to take care within the property and common areas so as to not cause loss or damage to person or property. Use caution on steps and walks. Keep gates closed.
The parties agree that these RENTAL RULES are a part of their Rental Agreement attached hereto and are bound to comply with same. A breach of these Rental Rules is a material breach of the Rental Agreement and Homeowner or its representative may terminate Rental Agreement should Guest not fully comply with the terms of Rental Agreement or Rental Rules herein. In the event of termination, the Guest and members of the rental party shall immediately leave the premises and shall forfeit rental fees as outlined in the Rental Agreement. In such event the security deposit will be returned less any damages assessed by Homeowner.
Guest________________________Homeowner/Representative____________________ Date______ Date_______